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Cambridge Cab Company Testimonials

I have been a police officer in this city for eighteen years and I came to know Mr. Hegazy in 2003 when I assumed the position of the Hackney Officer for the Cambridge Police Department. Mr. Hegazy, at the time, owned and operated a taxicab company (Cambridge Cab Company, MA Taxi Service). Due to my position, Mr. Hegazy and I had many dealings, I have been impressed with his dedication to serving his clients, he demonstrated honesty, effiency, extremely competent in running a successful busines, and has an excellent rapport with people throughout the taxicab community. Mr. Hegazy was always willing to offer his assistance and also had an excellent rapport with the elderly community.
Jacques Desrosiers
I have worked with Mr. Hegazy on a weekly basis for over three years; he has provided conveyance services for me and my wife, our children, my parents, my sister and her family, and my wife’s parents and sister. He is a consummate professional, always arriving before our scheduled pickup time, showing unending flexibility to help us any time of day or night (I frequently leave my home before 5 am), and always acting in a professional and safe manner. He has earned my respect and trust many times over and I recommend him with highest support.
Howard GS Horn
I have been associated with Mr. Hegazy over the past decade in my role as Director of Athletics at Suffolk University. During this time frame Mr. Hegazy had provided his conveyance services, on behalf of Suffolk University’s long time Emerti manager, Charles Melanson, from the Neville Manor, Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA to the Suffolk University Athletic Complex, 148 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA. Mr. Hegazy never ceased but to be anything but a most worthy professional in his responsibilities. Always on time and willing to assist in providing that extra care and concern that made a significant contribution in both Mr. Melanson’s experience on our campus and the benefits to our two intercollegiate programs of men’s and women’s basketball. Throughout this timeframe, Mr. Hegazy had selected high standards of performance and had earned a reputation as an energetic, competent professional with a seriousness of purpose.
James E. Nelson
As a professional, I often have need of transportation for myself and my business colleagues. Mr. Hegazy has always provided me with dependable transportation no matter what the hour, traffic or weather conditions. I know him to be dependable, honest, focused and capable of carrying out any required obligation.
J. Max Goodson, D.D.S., Ph. D.
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